Bulking Up Panoramic

Bulking Up Panoramic

                Bulking Up Panoramic – A Photographic Story

Bulking Up Panoramic Photograph in front of bulk food display


Bulking up panoramic is a story of two tales.

I went shopping at the warehouse store, Winco, with my friend Jack and soon found out why he drinks so much coffee.

I could see that the bulk coffee display was overwhelming — visually and with the strong aroma of coffee — and it fed into his addiction to caffeine perfectly. 

As I looked around, I spied more bulk displays that were more than enough for any addiction.

The candy bulk display grabbed my notice.

That one did not have a strong aroma, but the amazing array of colors, and towering size of this monolith, was attention-grabbing.

I saw it from halfway across the store!

Bulking Up Panoramic Candy Display

It was well over 8 feet tall, and contained every imaginable type of wrapped candy.

I must have spent 10 minutes just staring at all the different items before I remembered that I should take a photograph with my cell phone.

When I snapped one, I realized that taking an image in its “regular” capture mode would not do it justice — so I switched to “panoramic” mode.

I have since changed the name from panoramic mode to addiction mode! Since I bought my iPhone from Apple, I have been amazed by its image capture in both still and video images.

I bought an exterior mic for good voice sound quality, and installed the cell on a tripod, to stop any shaking. The result looks very professional; I will be making video interviews in the near future.

To be fair, I did minor edits to these panoramic images on this page using Photoshop. I added sharpening and color saturation. I would have done the same with any images that I might have taken with my Nikon DSLR’s. That’s just what good photographers do with their photographs, no matter what medium they use.

I guess the moral of this blog post is, do not let an opportunity go by without taking photographs that help tell a story and record some of your life, for yourself and others. After all, with a good cell or DSLR, you are the family historian…

If Life is Just Matter Then Life is Pointless

If Life is Just Matter Then Life is Pointless

If Life is Just Matter... Then Life is Just Pointless - A graphic art design by John Tarr



If Life is Just Matter… Then Life is Just Pointless

The thing I love about graphic arts is it gives me a voice to express myself in so many ways.

I stay away from political graphics.

Other times there are some sayings that are so profound that they bear repeating.

I struggled with what photograph I should use with with the quote but I settled on something simple.

The saying was complex enough so it didn’t need more complexity.

This flower photograph was taken by my wife Monica to which I added some Photoshop help in color saturation.

What does “If Life is Just Matter, Then Life is Just Pointless” mean to you?


Never Make These Logo Design Mistakes Again

Never Make These Logo Design Mistakes Again

  Never Make These Logo Design Mistakes Again


Never Make These Logo Design Mistakes Again






Never Make These Logo Design Mistakes Again


Professional logo designers must avoid making some mistakes that are so common with other designers. Here are the things you should be avoiding while creating a logo.

Avoid designing in Photoshop. Many designers make mistake of creating a logo in Photoshop or any other bitmap photo editing suite. Expert designer advise against using these tools as they all it a bad practice.

Study the reasons that experts give against using pixels instead of vector graphics.

not follow gimmicks and trends. Logo design trends change regularly after few months and it is hard to follow one as it will be changing soon.

You can take inspiration from the trends but do not follow them too much and instead rely on your imagination.

Avoid lazy selection of font family. The designer should find out right general font style theme that matches with business message of a logo.

Some sense of style, aesthetic matching etc. will help in selection of right type of fonts.

To read the rest of important informative artical go here: Never Make These Logo Design Mistakes Again