6 ways to make your personal website more effective

by Amber Leigh Turner

6 ways to make your personal website more effective


From authors and designers, to coders and writers – and everyone in between – personal websites are a new concept that is likely here to stay.

For those of us who are self-employed, well known on the internet, or trying to build an online persona, personal websites help us further our career goals and act as a universal “about me” go-to on the web.

This is your personal internet billboard, so it should reflect your personality and highlight your work.

Share content you’ve written (original or previously published), showcase the creations you’ve been working on, post event videos in which you’re speaking, or just have an elegant way to talk about you, your story, and your background.

Personal websites are what you make of them, and there’s really no right or wrong way to go about creating one, but there are some general things you should consider before getting started.

All personal sites should have:

  • A clear and easy to spell domain name
  • An about me page that really is all about you
  • Easy to find contact information… why have a site for people to find you if they can’t contact you

Additionally, websites aren’t static, they’re dynamic. For that reason, you must always be sure to update your site whenever you accomplish something.

If you’ve been thinking of getting your personal website together, here are some great examples of personal websites that hit all of the right points in making them effective and outstanding in their own right.

Share your potential

6 ways to make your personal website more effective

Kelsey Klemme is a UX designer from Los Angeles that uses her personal website to showcase her work and to have an easy way for prospective clients to contact her. Her site has a very clean layout, organized home page, and exactly the pieces of information someone would want to know about Kelsey.

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