Annual Report Design & Layout Is What We Do


Annual reports are a comprehensive report on a

company’s activities throughout the preceding year.

From cutting-edge print techniques to stop-motion animation, artful infographics to bold use of type and color.

Great images are very important for all publications including annual reports.

They invite people to read and communicate in ways words cannot.

We use a professional stock photo agency when the need arises but one of our best skills is the custom professional photography that we can provide for any company or organization.

You can view some of our professional documentary photography and photojournalism. This will give you a better idea what the power great images can do for your annual report.

Annual reports are intended to give shareholders and other interested people information about the company’s activities and financial performance. Good annual report design is essential.

We can also design and layout a annual report for you that will take it from just facts and figures to something worth reading.

Annual report design doesn’t have to be drab and boring.

They’re part of the staple diet of design work the world over, seen by many as just part of the dry, bread-and-butter grind that pays the bills and paves the way for more exciting, imaginative work.

But annual reports don’t have to be dull, as these beautiful examples show.

Annual Report Design