Bulking Up Panoramic – A Photographic Story

Bulking Up Panoramic Photograph in front of bulk food display


Bulking up panoramic is a story of two tales.

I went shopping at the warehouse store, Winco, with my friend Jack and soon found out why he drinks so much coffee.

I could see that the bulk coffee display was overwhelming — visually and with the strong aroma of coffee — and it fed into his addiction to caffeine perfectly. 

As I looked around, I spied more bulk displays that were more than enough for any addiction.

The candy bulk display grabbed my notice.

That one did not have a strong aroma, but the amazing array of colors, and towering size of this monolith, was attention-grabbing.

I saw it from halfway across the store!

Bulking Up Panoramic Candy Display

It was well over 8 feet tall, and contained every imaginable type of wrapped candy.

I must have spent 10 minutes just staring at all the different items before I remembered that I should take a photograph with my cell phone.

When I snapped one, I realized that taking an image in its “regular” capture mode would not do it justice — so I switched to “panoramic” mode.

I have since changed the name from panoramic mode to addiction mode! Since I bought my iPhone from Apple, I have been amazed by its image capture in both still and video images.

I bought an exterior mic for good voice sound quality, and installed the cell on a tripod, to stop any shaking. The result looks very professional; I will be making video interviews in the near future.

To be fair, I did minor edits to these panoramic images on this page using Photoshop. I added sharpening and color saturation. I would have done the same with any images that I might have taken with my Nikon DSLR’s. That’s just what good photographers do with their photographs, no matter what medium they use.

I guess the moral of this blog post is, do not let an opportunity go by without taking photographs that help tell a story and record some of your life, for yourself and others. After all, with a good cell or DSLR, you are the family historian…