Tarr Swimming Team

Tarr Swimming Team

Tarr swimming team Tarr Swimming Team



These are 4 of my 7 grandchildren. I started teaching them swimming back in early May, two days a week.

At that time, they did not know how to swim very well and all were afraid of the deep end to some degree.

In 5+ months they have gone from timid water bugs to being competitive in all 4 strokes. Yes, I said ALL four. Freestyle, backstroke, breast and butterfly. Yes, butterfly! They have become fish.

They all love swimming now and are disappointed when we happen to miss even one day. They use kick boards for the first half hour of every practice, then for an hour we work on each stroke and then practice flips or turns depending on the stroke.

I have a private pool at my disposal that I swim laps in. At one practice we invited other children their own age that already compete on other swimming teams to come and swim with us for the day. My guys were just as fast if not faster in many events. I can not believe how fast they progressed in just one summer.

I had them watch women Olympic swimming events from 2012 Olympics on UTube. That has inspired them in big ways. They now know girls can compete on a very high level in sports and want to do the same.

You have to understand, the three girls in this photograph come from a home that is very cerebral in its approach to raising their children. They are homed schooled by a very smart mother and are very proficient in the arts, music, theater and language. Each one plays at least one music instrument. They all perform in a number of plays every year. They are way ahead of most children when it comes to school. Who teaches their children Latin? My daughter-in-law did and the kids loved it. They now know where many of our root words come from in the English language.

When it came to sports, it was non existent in their lives outside paddling around in their own pool at home. Its been amazing how far and fast they progressed not only for me but the rest of the family. Swimming has been the perfect vehicle for introducing physical activity into their lives. I am stoked!

I have to give thanks to the high school swimming team that I was apart of and had me competing on a high level when I was in school. Waukegan swimming at both East and West campus in 1967-1971. I competed in freestyle and butterfly in school. Waukegan is a town 50 miles north of Chicago, Illinois on Lake Michigan.

Who would have thought that something I learned to do at the age of 17, 40+ years ago would give me something I would share and teach to my grandchildren?

Its hard to share physical things in Arizona in the summer because it is so hot but swimming is perfect.

It has truly been a blessing this summer for me and my family. The fall this year has come way to soon for them and me.