Cleaning Logo 2 Sisters Cleaning Business Card Front


Two Sisters Cleaning logo and business card that I designed for a cleaning business.

Creating a good logo is far harder than people think.

Logo’s designs are a very physiological in nature as well as using all good graphic art skills.

So much information has to be packed into a small space. What story does this logo tell?

A person or business needs to put their best foot forward and a logo is the first thing most people will see.

I took a graphic art class that all we did was talk and design logo’s and what made a good one.

When I first started the class I kept thinking, “How hard can this be?”

Way hard!

Some of the considerations of good logo design were:

1.) Make your design simple with as few elements in it as possible.

2.) Design in B&W first. Make sure the elements look good in B&W and then add color.

3.) Can you shrink the logo down and still be readable. Small is as important as large because of all the places this logo    will have to go. Business cards, flyers and websites are just a few considerations.  

4.) Make multiple layouts with different elements and fonts and then have the customer give you and idea what they like and then you can refine it down. It is a process.