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He Are Some Magazine Design and Layout Tips

Use a Great Masthead in Your Magazine Design

The masthead is your magazine’s logo. 

It is most often located at the top of the cover and should be the first thing your reader sees.

It must be legible and tell people about your magazine. 

You have looked at your magazine design thousands of times, but your readers have not. 

If the masthead is developed with illegible fonts, people won’t view it as you intended.


Use a Great Cover Photo

DON’T try to save a few bucks on the cover. 

A well-designed cover can get your magazine noticed and even more importantly, picked up! 

Therefore, all cover photos must be of a good, high quality photo (in the proper resolution).


Great images

Photography is very important for all publications be they print or digital.

They invite people to read and communicate in ways words alone cannot.

We use a professional stock photo agency when the need arises – but one of our best skills is custom professional photography that we can provide for any company or organization.

You can view some of our professional documentary photography and photojournalism.

This will give you a better idea what the power great images can do for your newsletter.


If you would like to get a FREE copy of a magazine we designed go here and it will down load a PDF copy to your computer. Inside Out Prison Magazine June:July 2015

Magazine Design Business team work building a puzzle building business concept

Careful Font Usage

The choice of fonts can have a major impact on the overall professionalism a magazine conveys. 

Using too many font faces is visually confusing to the reader. 

He/she may have trouble distinguishing the stories from the ads. 

Not to mention that too much “stuff” can be tiring on the eyes.


Multi-column Layouts

One trick for having your stories look professionally built is to use a multi-column grid to the page. 

For regular sized magazines try using three columns, digest-sized mags use two. 

Not only does it look more professional, but text will flow better on the page and you will have more options for placing photos.


Stay Away from the Edge

Many magazines have layouts with text too close to the edge of the page.

Again, don’t try to fill up the entire space.  A 1/4″ margin is the minimum suggestion — better yet 1/2″ or even more page margin is suggested.

Again, it looks more professional adding more white space and you will not worry about the possibility that text might be cut off when the magazine is cut down to size after printing.

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