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Web Safe Fonts

If you are trying to create a website with fonts that appear on a large percentage of computers, then you need to use a “web safe font”. While there are only a few fonts that are found on virtually every computer out there, if you use these fonts in your font stacks, your web pages will look correct.

Tarr Swimming Team

These are 4 of my 7 grandchildren. I started teaching them swimming back in early May, two days a week.
At that time, they did not know how to swim very well and all were afraid of the deep end to some degree.

Bulking Up Panoramic

Bulking Up Panoramic is a funny blog post about panoramic photography at a bulk food store. Coffee, candy and grain are panoramic images shown on this blog.

Cleaning Logo

Creating a good logo is far harder than people think.
Logo’s designs are a very physiological in nature as well as using all good graphic art skills.

What Makes a Great Post?

There are millions of new posts published each day across WordPress.com alone…   Professional curators like Dave Pell at Next Draft, Maria Popova at Brain Pickings, and Robert Cottrell at The Browser scour the web and share the best, most fascinating, and most...

Copyright and Creators

the book room: novelist, John Degen interviews other writers, and talks about copyright way too much     John Degen, novelist and Executive Director of The Writers Union of Canada, recently engaged in a back-and-forth of the value of copyrights to creators....

Hashtag Campaign

Collectively, a hashtag campaign called “#PrayItForward” took place last month to reach the churched and a base of more than two million followers worldwide. The idea was to connect with Christians seeking the grace of God and tailor a social media campaign to...