Small Business Branding & Identity                           

                                   Your Business Identity Speaks Volumes About You

Small Business Branding & Identity Packages are Tools that Consist of the Company’s logo, website and social media.

Creating a business identity or product branding is one of the first steps to letting people know who and what you are and represents the essence and vision of a company, product or service.

It complements and strengthens all aspects of a businesses identity while triggering an emotional response or desire.

There are three main components too small business branding and identity

1.) Logo, Business Cards, Letterhead, Envelopes, Presentation Folders, flyers and email strategy is one.

2.) Website design and development and good, strong SEO (search engine optimization) is another.

3.) Professional social media is also a must to drive traffic to your website and your small business branding.


Small Business Branding


Brand development that positions your company, product or community competitively.

Brand creation that defines your brand personality and story through imagery and words.

Rollout of key communication items including logo, business card, websites, social media, signage and more.

Ongoing, management and support of your brand.