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Social-Media PR Strategy

Why You Should Include Influential Social-Media Users in Your PR Strategy

Marketers have a lot of options when it comes to choosing how to best reach customers: traditional marketing, mass media, digital, social media, public relations, celebrity promotions, guerrilla marketing, etc.

However, the newest emerging marketing category is all about social media users with large followings, sometimes called “influencers,” those undercover trendsetters who are gradually adding new layers to the way marketers leverage social.

These social media users are everyday people who turn themselves into rock stars. They’re the ones who blog, record, and podcast themselves straight into online fame, and the fame portion is now translating into massive potential for brands.

In the world of social media, the spotlight’s direction is determined by what interests readers and viewers. Those who have something interesting to say collect their own followers, giving people with wits and talent instant influence with the power to plug your brand.

Some marketers still aren’t sold on this Social-Media PR strategy, but those who hesitate may soon be left in the dust.

Popular social media users are wising up to the chance to connect with major brands they love, and smart marketers are building relationships that cost pennies and could pay out for years to come.

These popular folks are making their mark on marketing, and not just because investing in them is is easy.

‘Influencers’ blend well with the marketing tools you’re already using.

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