A Great Website Design – Will Make Your Business Grow!

Your website is one of the greatest marketing and communication tools that your company possesses.

It is a known fact that most people will visit a company website before they will ever consider doing business with them.  However, the majority of companies have neglected the importance of their web presence, unknowingly resulting in loss of a large amount of business that could have been won with a well- developed website. Let Effective Marketing and Design Solutions create a well-develped website for you with great Graphics, SEO (search engine optimization) and a Powerful Social media presence to bring more business to your door step.
Mistakes Companies Make Online
 1).  Not having a website at all.  Every business should have one! 
2).  Having a website design that does not strengthen a company’s brand 3).  A website that is not updated on a consistent basis 4).  A website that does not have creative strategy to grasp and retain a target audience’s attention, and lead them to a revenue-generating call to action 5).  A website design that lacks a plan to continually build more traffic 6).  A website design that does not have easy navigation for visitors to find what they are looking for.
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