There are millions of new posts published each day across alone…



Professional curators like Dave Pell at Next Draft, Maria Popova at Brain Pickings, and Robert Cottrell at The Browser scour the web and share the best, most fascinating, and most interesting finds. Curation is a demanding job — there’s just so much out there (and some say that at the end of the day, we’re all going to miss almost everything anyway).

The several editors at Automattic spend part of their day exploring the Reader, watching for trending posts on Twitter and Facebook, and using internal tools to find noteworthy posts across, WordPress, and Jetpack for the Freshly Pressed showcase, which we’ll retire soon. We’ll continue to select and feature editors’ picks of the day on our new destination site c Discover, which you’ll be able to explore soon at

We look for material across different categories, old and new. (In fact, we love finding timeless older reads deep in bloggers’ archives.)

There are millions of new posts published each day across alone, so “a great post” needs to stand out immediately, hook readers at the first line, and keep their attention to the end. Not only that, an excellent read resonates long after it’s over — a great post makes you think and engage in the comments, and inspires you to respond with your own take. It’s a piece you can read again (and again).


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